“The tamer of light”

Originally from Los Angeles, Mark Drew grew up with a strong idea of freedom. This spirit of liberty runs in his veins since and his beautiful images bear this DNA and quest for a genuine independence of mind. What struck me first when I looked up at his work for the very first time was the skill and easiness he has shown to secure “his prey”, like a wild bird digging its claws into its victim! Mark Drew is born for beauty, he is this kind of hunter, furtive and secret aiming to tame the untamed frontier enriching his images with a magical spell of light. This is what I call talent.

René-Julien Praz
Curator Praz-DelaVallade Gallery, Paris, France
A Native of Los Angeles, Mark Drew grew up in Plainfield (birthplace of Irving Penn), New Jersey. At an early age Mark felt a need to use photography as a means of escape and expression. After returning to Los Angeles, where he dreams to become a “gigolo” to make a fortune & open an art gallery, he ends up homeless… an experience that will benefit later in photographing people homeless. “Snapshots filled with compassion and realism.” Collectors and magazines then “find by chance spot” his work and publish it regularly: “That was the moment when his career started.” Well known for its sumptuous black and white pictures, he domesticates as no one, using the light while emphasizing with modesty and generosity his subjects. Mark currently works in New York (USA).